Anonymous asked:

how did you go about that last drawing? did you start with the skeleton or the background parts or a combination? did you preplan the sort of things you were going to add or just do it spontaneously ?it's great

Hi, I basically started with a rough plan of the skull then just drew all of the small scenes and characters/animals etc from my head without a real plan. It meant I had to draw a lot slower because each mark was a final mark but it felt a lot more fun to not know what it would eventually look like as I was going.

It was really enjoyable but quite stressful as I kept panicking that I’d ruin it towards the end haha. Thank you!

Anonymous asked:

all your drawings are pretty awesome, but the ones where you combine 'people' and buildings/ landscapes (like the lighthouse piece and the most recent commissioned one) are next level awesome!

Thank you so much! I really enjoy working that way so I guess I’ll be doing more of that in the future.
Thanks for the message!

Some details from my most recent commission.

All in mechanical pencil on heavyweight paper. A3. Approximately 15 hours work.

I really enjoyed working this way; it felt similar to the way I drew as a child - with small details and hidden narratives and sections. I like the idea that a person could look at this drawing often but one day notice something they didn’t previously. 

I also really liked having complete freedom on this and working and adding as I went rather than having a set plan.

I’m still taking commissions now so if you want one get in touch!

It’s early days but I’m happy to announce that my work will be a part of Daylight Curfew’s print series. Mine will be available in January (can’t show you it until the time). More details on the link and I’ll keep you posted when there’s more news!